Leaflet distribution to Farnborough, Hampshire / Gu14


Leaflet distribution to Farnborough, Hampshire/ Gu14.

The Extra Mile Leaflet Distribution are the premier leaflet delivery specialists for Farnborough, Hampshire. We are committed to providing an excellent all-round service you can trust- built on honesty and reliability- with the highest standards of delivery and customer-service, to help you achieve the greatest success from your leaflet campaigns.

We are based in Farnborough itself, and have been delivering leaflets here on a continuous basis for over 3 years; and, indeed, other than the Royal Mail, we deliver in and around this area more than any other distribution company. Over this time, we have gained an extensive practical knowledge of the area, and been lucky enough to help many quality local businesses and organisations grow and succeed locally.

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Our knowledge of the area- including its roads, demographics and 'numbers'- helps us to plan and complete deliveries as quickly and efficiently as possible, and allows us to offer you insights and advice to assist your campaign.

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Map of Farnborough

Map of Farnborough


Information about Farnborough Town


Farnborough lies at the centre of the Blackwater Valley conurbation, which includes Aldershot, Camberley, Yateley, Sandhurst, Frimley and Farnham.

The town has a population of about 66,500, and has incorporated several sizeable villages as it has expanded, including North Camp (to the south east), Cove (north west) and Southwood (south west), which are now considered suburbs. In-all, Farnborough's suburban areas include Southwood, Rafborough, Cove, West Heath, Farnborough Park, Farnborough Street, North Camp, South Farnborough, Fox Lane, Hawley Lane, St. John's, and St. Christopher's.

Farnborough is contiguous with the garrison town of Aldershot to the south, and with Frimley to the north; and is part of the Borough of Rushmoor and the Farnborough/Aldershot Built-up Area. The council of the local government district of Rushmoor is based in the town.


Farnborough is known around the world for its association with aviation, defence and aerospace. Farnborough Airport saw the UK’s first powered flight in 1908, and is now the UK’s top business airport, and hosts the International Air Show every other year- a week-long trade exhibition and public display. The airport complex is also home to the Royal Aircraft Establishment and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch; and the area is a successful centre for technology companies.

Town Centre

The town centre is divided into the following shopping & leisure areas:

  • The Meads Shopping & Leisure Centre. This includes an outside pedestrianised shopping ares which include many major retailers- including Sainsburys, Weatherspoon’s, The Gym, EE, Sports Direct, Iceland, Poundland, Wimpy, Tresspass, plus many more- plus the new undercover area with it’s own multi-storey car park, and including Vue Cinema, Prezzo, Wilko, Superdrug, plus many more facilities.

  • Princes Mead Shopping Centre. This is the main enclosed retail area, with Asda and the major car park at one end. The area is centred around a main atrium, with an SE5A fighter aircraft (the first true factory aircraft made by the Royal Aircraft Establishment) suspended above a sunken food court with Costa Coffee and Subway. This shopping area is where you find more than 30 shops, including many traditional high-street retailers, such as WHSmiths, Boots, The Body Shop, Clintons, H Samuel to name a few.

  • Horizon Shopping Park. This is a new retail park situated outside the entrance to the car parks of B&Q and the Princes Mead shopping centre. The site includes a number of large retail shops- largely home-furnishers- that complement the existing retailers on the other side of the road.

  • Farnborough Gate, also known as the Blackwater retail park. This shopping centre is set around a central car park, with a McDonalds at the entrance, and including Halfords, Currys, TKMaxx, Boots, Outfit, Bensons, plus many more.


Farnborough post codes & demographics information

Farnborough post codes & suburbs

Post code, Suburb                                     Properties

  • Gu14 0 / Southwood, North 2,500

  • Gu14 6 / Farnborough Park                         3,750

  • Gu14 7 / North, Farnborough Park                       2,750

  • Gu14 8 / West Heath, North, Hawley                 6,000

  • Gu14 9 / Cove, West Heath, Hawley                     6,000

Total properties in Gu14 21,000

Number of properties in Farnborough’s post codes


House Types in Farnborough


Property Ownership/Tenure in Farnborough