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Door-to-door leaflet delivery


Door-to-door letter delivery

We provide a premium door-to-door leaflet delivery service you can trust, to homes around the Berkshire / Hampshire / Surrey border areas.

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Our service is fully personalised to meet your specific needs and objectives- including demographic targeting to maximise the success and cost-effectiveness of your campaign- and executed to the highest standards by our team of honest and reliable adults who are committed to providing great service. We are proud of the results and level of customer satisfaction we consistently achieve- and this is reflected by our unique win-lose guarantee.

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We have helped numerous businesses and organisations achieve local success with door-drops. Many of our customers use us on a regular ongoing basis- forming ‘partnerships’ we can grow together from- and we are keen to build lasting relationships with others looking for a quality distributor they can trust to deliver consistent great service, results and value.

We offer two delivery services. Both options offer the highest standards of delivery, proven to ensure the best results.

  • Solus Delivery / £120 per thousand leaflets.

    Your leaflet is delivered on its own. This service is for those customers looking to gain the prospect's undivided attention for maximum impact*.

  • Standard Delivery / £50 per thousand leaflets.

    Your leaflet is delivered with just one or two non-competing leaflets from different business types. With our exacting standards, however, this option is far from your typical 'standard' delivery!


* If you are considering Solus Delivery, please be aware that the benefits of a Solus delivery are likely to be lost if the Royal Mail or another distribution company delivers on the same day. For this reason, we generally recommend our Standard Delivery service as a more cost-effective option for most businesses.

Our letter delivery service gives you the chance to send a persuasive personal letter* to your ‘red-hot’ prospects- those who require your service ‘now’- for unequaled sales-conversions. Something that could well be described as the ‘Holy Grail’ of marketing!

This service is available for those businesses where a need can be clearly identified, such as roofers, driveway contractors/ landscapers or dog walkers. Whilst on their rounds, our delivery person will deliver your letter if- and only if- there is a clear urgent need for your service, such as a damaged or heavily moss-covered roof, or badly cracked driveway. About 1-in-10 to 1-in-20 properties would typically be suitable, so that 100 letters could cover 1000 to 2000 properties.

Our letter delivery is available to complement leaflet delivery, or as a stand-alone service.

  • As a complementary service to our leaflet delivery, the rate is £10 per hundred letters.

    (Note that your letter would typically replace your leaflet, effectively reducing the rate to an additional £5 per hundred letters.)

    FREE TRIAL! For all our leaflet delivery customers we are currently offering a free trial for the first 100 letters.

  • As a stand-alone service, the rate is £25 per hundred leaflets.

*Exactly as with a Direct-Mail campaign posted via Royal Mail (with all the same benefits) for the fraction of the cost of a stamp.

Design & Print

We have the skills and experience to help your leaflet elicit maximum response. We'll work closely with you to fully understand your customers, campaign objectives and intended message, before proposing and creating design options to maximise your material's response- to give your campaign the best chance of maximum success.

Our regular work and close relationships with a number of printers also affords us discounts that we can pass on to our customers- offering you large potential savings on your printing costs.

If you already have your artwork and don’t need help, we strongly recommend checking some of the online printers as they can offer unbeatable quality, service and value- our own favourite is onlineprinters.co.uk.