Leaflet distribution to Fleet & Church Crookham, Hampshire / GU51 & GU52


Leaflet distribution to Fleet & Church Crookham, Hampshire/ GU51 & GU52.

The Extra Mile Leaflet Distribution are the premier leaflet delivery specialists for Fleet & Church Crookham, Hampshire. We are committed to providing an excellent all-round service you can trust- built on honesty and reliability- with the highest standards of delivery and customer-service, to help you achieve the greatest success from your leaflet campaigns.

We are based in the local town of Farnborough, and have been delivering leaflets on a near-continuous basis for almost 3 years. Over this time, we have gained an extensive knowledge of the area, and been lucky enough to help many quality local businesses and organisations grow and succeed locally.

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Our knowledge of the area- including its roads, demographics and 'numbers'- helps us to plan and complete deliveries as quickly and efficiently as possible, and allows us to offer you insights and advice to assist your campaign.

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Fleet & Church Crookham map

Fleet & Church Crookham map

Information about Fleet & Church Crookham

Fleet is part of and is the major town of Hart District. It is locally famous for Fleet Pond, the largest freshwater lake in Hampshire, and for the quaint High Street with a traditional Victorian and Edwardian look, and its market.

Fleet has expanded in the past few decades with new residential areas being built at Ancells Farm, Zebon Copse (in neighbouring Church Crookham) and Elvetham Heath. Elvetham Heath was completed in 2008 and is one of the UK's largest new housing developments, which has added 3,500 inhabitants to Fleet's population, bringing its total population up to around 35,000, a 20% increase in less than a decade. Areas and suburbs of the town are Pondtail, Ancells Park and Elvetham Heath; and the villages of Crookham Village and Church Crookham have also grown to be contiguous with the town.

Fleet is administered by Hart District Council and Hampshire County Council.


Fleet & Church Crookham post codes & demographics information


Fleet & Church Crookham post codes & suburbs

Post code, Suburb                                     Properties

  • Gu51 1 / Elvetham Heath (North West)                 1,750

  • Gu51 2 / Ancells Park (North East)                        1,000

  • Gu51 3 / East                                                        3,250

  • Gu51 4 / West                                                        1,750

  • Gu52 7 / South                                                       1,500

Total properties in Fleet 9,250

  • Gu51 5 / Crookham Village                                   1,250

  • Gu52 0 / Crookham Village                                   1,000

  • Gu52 6 / Church Crookham                                   3,000

  • Gu52 8 / Church Crookham                                   1,000

Total properties in Church Crookham 6,250


Property Types in Fleet & Church Crookham


Property Ownership/Tenure in Fleet & Church Crookham