A Reliable Leaflet Distributor?

Finding a reliable leaflet delivery company can be tricky! The 'industry' doesn't have the best reputation as a result of unscrupulous 'operators' out there, and this can naturally make you wary. It is particularly unfortunate if the fear of getting 'stung' prevents you from taking advantage of leaflet campaigns or using a professional leaflet distributor- as leaflet campaigns are often the fastest and most effective way to grow your business, and a quality distributor can be a great ongoing asset/ partner to your business.

We're keen to do our bit to improve the tarnished reputation of this 'industry', and to help you avoid those that give the rest of us a bad name. Please feel free therefore, to ask us any questions about any aspects of leaflet delivery- we would love to hear from you.

If you're trying to find for a good distributor you can trust- and avoid the others- here are also a few tips:

* If they insist on your money up-front (especially in cash) then run! Why should you take on all the risk yourself- and any professional outfit that is confident of their work will invoice you after the entire delivery or at least after a good number of deliveries (such a 5000 or so).

* Referrals and reviews are key. Always check reviews, especially on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yellow Pages etc.

* It is the slower-to-deliver-to spaced-apart properties with the longer drives etc that will be 'skipped' by most 'lesser' operators- so if you see someone delivering to those properties in your area and they seem to be doing a good job (posting through the letterbox properly and not walking across lawns etc) then why not pull-over and have a quick chat with them, and if they come-across well to you that could be the company your looking for!

We'll be posting regular tips and advice here and on our website- and please contact us if we can offer any help any time.

Warren Coopey